Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why I created this blog

My family currently resides in the state of Massachusetts. In the state of Massachusetts if an employer helps pay for your insurance you can not opt out and buy a private insurance. You also are unable to buy a secondary private insurance (If you could afford it!). This is causing many hardships for many families including my own.

Our family consists of my husband, My five children (2 of whom have a chronic illness), and myself (I also have a few chronic illnesses). The laws that the state of Massachusetts have in place are making it difficult for us to even survive. My sons emergency medication we can not afford. The insurance says it is not "medically necessary" . His Doctor very much disagrees.

My oldest son who needs this medication has epilepsy. The medication needed is a rectal gel that needs to be given should my son have a seizure longer than five minutes. Seizures are nothing to play with. They can cause brain damage and even death. I myself have lost a good friends due to her epilepsy.

Because of state law we can not change insurance companies. We must stick with a VERY sub-par insurance. While our medical is ok (though few people take it.) Our prescription insurance is difficult to work with. Our dental is also not taken by many people and if it is the bill is 50 per person for a simple cleaning. 250 for just our children to get cleaned.

I would love to hear and share the stories of other people who are having difficulty because of this law. Please feel free to share. I will be updating when I can about my own struggles with this law.

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